Live From the PinChurch: Clint Maedgen and the BandaPandas Sat 7/27/24 8:30pm

New Orleans artist and musician Clint Maedgen (Liquidrone, New Orleans Bingo! Show, Preservation Hall Jazz Band) has regrouped with a new lineup of musicians to form Clint Maedgen and the BandPandas, his latest endeavor in exploring the unique and electric sounds of his past and present catalogue. Whether reinventing songs from previous ensembles or playing newly released music, the group promises an eclectic mix of blues, country, rock, folk, and gospel. While this volume of music has a rich history spanning decades, The BandaPandas has its own interesting and recent origin story.

Like many artists and musicians during the era of pandemic lockdowns and social distancing, Clint sought new avenues to reach and connect with audiences, and found an answer in what quickly developed into a tight-nit Patreon group, dubbed The Panda Family, with members from all over the world meeting daily for exciting performances by Clint, or often just to hang and talk music and art and life as everyone navigated the new realities of the world.

When the world opened up again, several of the musically inclined and New Orleans adjacent Panda Fam decided to learn some of Clint’s material and proposed getting together with him for a jam. It only took one song for everyone to realize there was something more to explore here. Fast forward several months and the BandaPandas had developed a 2 1/2 hour revue of Clint’s varied and beloved musical catalogue, with Jason Spring on drums, Kevin Logsdon on electric guitar, and Jamie Digilormo on bass backing Clint’s unique voice and vocal melodies. The result is something unique and special, with artist and fans coming together as friends to recreate and perform with care and attention this music that they all share a love for.

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