It’s Never Been A Better Time To Be A Member: Concerts, Movies, Classes and More!

The Mystic Krewe has had a busy year.  We’ve been remiss in updating the public side of our web site, despite the fact that we’ve had a ton of things going on.   

We’ve now done more than a dozen Live From the PinChurch concerts.  Be sure to check out our YouTube Page and Subscribe!  There’s a good chance at any given moment, we’ve got another one on the calendar.  It’s one of the rare times when there is a chance for non-members to visit the PinChurch — we sell a very small number of public tickets usually a few weeks before the show.  Check the Events page for more details.

We have also been doing a Regular Movie Night on our 15 foot HD theater, as well as Gaming Nights where members play card, board and strategy games.   We also have a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality System with 150+ of the latest games and simulations.

We’ve also been doing a wide variety of interesting classes on subjects as diverse as Beekeeping and CPR to Magic Tricks, to microcontroller builds using Raspberry Pis for PiMAME gaming systems and Magic Mirror displays.

In keeping with our motto, “Melior Quam Ante” (which means “Better Than Before” in Latin), our group has also been giving back to the community, by doing volunteer work with groups such as the Second Harvest Food Bank.  This is a really great organization that does a lot of good in the local community.  Everybody should help out when they can.

We’ve continued to do a variety of social activities and events, from private corporate parties, to birthday celebrations, and even an absolutely amazing “Friends-giving” last November with an amazing spread of food!

Our membership continues to grow.  And our community becomes more energized and supportive.  This crazy social experiment is becoming very rewarding.   If you have always wondered whether there can be a place, filled with creative, passionate, empathetic people who like to learn and share, minus the toxicity ever-present in our day-to-day lives, yes, it is possible!   If you’d like to find out more and how to join our amazing group — even if you’re not nearby, you can still help support us and benefit from our work.   Visit: for more!   And contact us if you have any questions or inquiries!

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