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pinchurch1UPDATE:  Thanks to everyone who came out for our first tournament! We will also be hosting the LA State Pinball Championships in Feb/2014.

Now that after nine months of hard work, we passed all inspections and the “PinChurch” has all utilities hooked up, we are beginning to move machines in and get organized.

There are a number of things we’ll be doing in the coming months. First we’re feverishly setting up games – as if this writing we have 25 pinball machines set up, with another 20+ ready to be moved in.

First on our agenda is to get our competitive tournaments and leagues going.  As the IFPA rep for Louisiana, Mike will be organizing sanctioned tournaments that will yield the coveted WPPR points to get people in the international rankings.

pinchurch2We are also planning a number of get-togethers and educational classes on subjects such as:

  • Pinball Repair (both EM and solid state classes)
  • Intro to competitive pinball playing (learn advanced ball control techniques, how tournaments work, etc.)

We also have various members with special skills and interests who will be teaching a variety of cool classes – which we will stream online:

  • Raspberry Pi intro and programming – Lots of members are interested in doing electronic hacking and learning the latest technology.
  • Basic electronics – learn how to use multimeters and how circuits work
  • Welding – basic wire-feed welding techniques
  • Stained Glass – a fun and inexpensive hobby that allows you to do really creative stuff with glass, copper foil and a soldering iron.pinchurch3
  • Video editing
  • Podcasting 101 – how to run your own radio show

This is just a sampling of the many different activities we’ll be organizing, as well as hosting live performances and other musical events.   MK will have its own live, streaming online tv channel you can tune into to participate!

In the meantime, our priority is to get our A/C working.  We had hopes we could salvage the systems that were in the church building but Hurricane Katrina really did a number on the units and the condensers are not salvagable so we’re soliciting donations to help get new systems.  If you can help. please go to this page:


Any donation, no matter how small, will make a difference!    Thanks!

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