PinChurch Streaming More Shows During COVID-19 Quarantine

As the community hunkers down to ride out the viral outbreak, the Mystic Krewe is ramping up production of live shows for people to enjoy online. In addition to streaming lots of past and present events on, we’ll be bringing in numerous artists who have had their gigs cancelled and are looking to play for people on the Internet and hopefully collect tips to cover their income losses. Be sure to visit our events page for more info, or our live page at
Thanks so much for all the help and support from the community. If you would like to donate to the Mystic Krewe/PinChurch to help us keep these events and activities going, please use the button below:



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Also be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! And our Twitter and Instagram feed.

The Mystic Krewe exclusively relies on memberships and donations to keep our operation going. Every little bit helps! Thanks so much!

Our member Stephen Ledet makes custom masks for those in need.

In addition to our streaming efforts, our membership has been active in the local community, custom making masks and other useful services.  We’re also keeping an eye on each other and making sure everybody is healthy and well.

It’s a great time to be part of a tight-knit community of highly empathetic people!   If  you want to find out more about joining our family, visit

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It’s Never Been A Better Time To Be A Member: Concerts, Movies, Classes and More!

The Mystic Krewe has had a busy year.  We’ve been remiss in updating the public side of our web site, despite the fact that we’ve had a ton of things going on.   

We’ve now done more than a dozen Live From the PinChurch concerts.  Be sure to check out our YouTube Page and Subscribe!  There’s a good chance at any given moment, we’ve got another one on the calendar.  It’s one of the rare times when there is a chance for non-members to visit the PinChurch — we sell a very small number of public tickets usually a few weeks before the show.  Check the Events page for more details.

We have also been doing a Regular Movie Night on our 15 foot HD theater, as well as Gaming Nights where members play card, board and strategy games.   We also have a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality System with 150+ of the latest games and simulations.

We’ve also been doing a wide variety of interesting classes on subjects as diverse as Beekeeping and CPR to Magic Tricks, to microcontroller builds using Raspberry Pis for PiMAME gaming systems and Magic Mirror displays.

In keeping with our motto, “Melior Quam Ante” (which means “Better Than Before” in Latin), our group has also been giving back to the community, by doing volunteer work with groups such as the Second Harvest Food Bank.  This is a really great organization that does a lot of good in the local community.  Everybody should help out when they can.

We’ve continued to do a variety of social activities and events, from private corporate parties, to birthday celebrations, and even an absolutely amazing “Friends-giving” last November with an amazing spread of food!

Our membership continues to grow.  And our community becomes more energized and supportive.  This crazy social experiment is becoming very rewarding.   If you have always wondered whether there can be a place, filled with creative, passionate, empathetic people who like to learn and share, minus the toxicity ever-present in our day-to-day lives, yes, it is possible!   If you’d like to find out more and how to join our amazing group — even if you’re not nearby, you can still help support us and benefit from our work.   Visit: for more!   And contact us if you have any questions or inquiries!

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MK partners with the New Orleans Film Festival

The Mystic Krewe is proud to be a partner with the New Orleans Film Festival to call attention to young and up and coming filmmakers!

We will be having a presence at the 2017 Festival at the Broad Theater at 636 North Broad, FRIDAY, October 13th., 6:45pm for the premier of the documentary film, “The Power of Glove”. Join us to help support local arts.

Come on out to see the show this Friday, Oct 13th at Broad Theater,636 N Broad St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70119! Public welcome! Show starts at 6:45pm.

Tickets are $10 for NOFF members and $13 for non-members at the door.  Additional tickets for the entire film festival lineup are also available.

For tickets to the New Orleans Film Festival screenings visit:

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Mystic Krewe Featured on NPR

We at the Mystic Krewe would like to thank the amazing producers of NPR’s “Out To Lunch” radio show, Grant Morris, Peter Ricchiuti and the whole gang for the wonderful time we had on their show.

We’ve had a lot of interesting press coverage lately, as well as a variety of cool activities. Our eighth Live From the PinChurch show featuring Alexis & the Samurai was a great success.

We’ve recently held classes on a variety of topics from Beekeeping to CPR, with many more fun things to come!

In addition to our normal social activities, we have a number of business projects in development, including work on electronics, lighting, software, mobile applications and more.  We’re also gearing up for the Louisiana State Pinball Championships in a few weeks.  We are also hosting a weekly pinball league at our public satellite location at 2315 St. Claude.   The Mystic Krewe Pinball Parlor – the area’s largest array of pinball machines out in public for everyone to enjoy.

We are always looking for cool, creative, interesting people to join our special family!

For information on our group and how to join, visit the MK about page.

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Want to Join Us?
The Mystic Krewe is looking for creative, passionate, ethical, progressive people to join our ranks and help us create a fun and friendly organzation. We like to socialize and play games, but also learn, teach and share, and collaborate on business ventures and other projects. If this sounds interesting to you, consider petitioning to become a member. Check the topics on the upper nav bar under "About Us": "FAQ", and "Membership" for more information, then Contact Us to set up a meeting and tour!

Sell or donate your Pinball or Arcade game to us!

If you have an old pinball machine -- in any condition, consider donating or selling the game to us. We will restore it to its former glory and share it with others. For more info Contact Us!
Join our YouTube channel!
Click here to See our library of videos of past concerts and other performances.
MK is looking to open a public arcade! YOU can help!
Our collection of games, our museum and our expertise in restoring, maintaining and operating the South's largest collection of vintage coin-op machine is available to partner with others in the area! We are specifically looking for a public venue where we can set up a very special, unique array of vintage pinball and other devices. We can offer a very attractive and lucrative arrangement with someone in the area who has experience and resources! Club owners, investors, entrepreneurs, restauranteurs.... contact us to set up a meeting and let us show you how to have one of the most unique businesses in the country. Location won't matter. People will come from hundreds of miles around to visit this place. If you have resources and are intrigued, Contact Us
Active Projects
Below is a sampling of the active projects taking place within the Mystic Krewe. These are not all that's going on. If you would like to participate, contact us.

  • Video Editing & Production Study Group - ongoing weekly meetings to learn beginner, basic and advanced videography, using HD cameras and Adobe Creative Suite CS6 (Premier Pro, After Affects, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Pinball Repair - Ongoing sessions showcasing basic and advanced pinball and video game repairs. Members come by at their leisure and we tackle various projects.
  • Music Group - MK members comprise a number of popular bands in the area as well as aspiring musicians. We regularly assemble to learn, teach, share and jam in the studio.
  • Basic Electronics/Micro Controllers by example - We're working with the Beaglebone microcomputer, the next generation over the Raspberry Pi, and learning basic electronics and embedded systems by developing a few simple and useful devices. Our flagship product will be a super-intelligent custom A/C thermostat/humidistat.
  • Computer-controlled DMX systems - Using computers to control lights and FX controllers.
  • Stained Glass Workshop - preparing for a class on how to make stained glass art.
  • ProTools and audio recording systems - The ongoing setup and configuration of our multi-track digital studio and podcasting system.
  • Construction and woodworking - We are designing and building custom desks and other fixtures, as well as working on unique artistic pieces and furniture to resell.
  • Mobile Applications Development - Android and IOS development groups are forming to begin learning and designing mobile apps, forming business ventures around these projects.
  • .... and more!
Want to help?
In our quest to celebrate learning, creativity, responsibility, personal advancement, sharing and helping each other and our community. Please consider giving what you can. Any token donation goes a long way in helping cover our expenses and increase our impact on the community. It means so much!

While financial donations are the most critical at this point, if you have other material items or resources to offer our group, please contact us! Thank you so much!!